Lemon Ricotta

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Credit: Steven Satterfield, Chef, Miller Union, Atlanta
The National Culinary Review, March 2015


1 cup lemon juice and zest from lemons
2 T. fine sea salt
13 cups whole milk
3 cups heavy cream


In glass bowl or measuring cup, combine lemon juice, zest and salt; stir to dissolve salt. Set aside. In 6-quart stainless steel pot, combine milk and cream. Turn heat to medium. Strain lemon juice mixture to remove zest; add to milk/cream mixture. When milk/lemon mixture starts to simmer, remove from heat. Allow to sit, undisturbed, in pot until temperature reaches 80ºF. Ladle mixture into cheesecloth-lined sieve over tall container. Allow cheese to drain until reaches desired consistency. Save some whey to stir in if cheese gets too firm.


4 servings


Appetizer, The National Culinary Review

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