Raspberry Bavarian Cream

Raspberry Bavarian Cream

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Credit: Wiley Cookbooks

From the Chef

“Used for Valentine's day menu at At Kaiser's Ghasthaus in Ashburn, VA. Recommend having a ready hot and ice bath at hand to control the temperature of the cream.”


0.75 oz Unflavored Gelatin (powder)
5 oz Cold Water
8 fl oz Raspberries (fresh better)
6 oz Sugar (divided in two 3 oz groups)
6 egg yolks
8 fl oz Whole Milk
1.5 tsp Vanilla
1 Pt Heavy Cream
As needed for garnish Mint and Raspberries


1. Soak gelatin in cold water and set aside.
2. Mash raspberries in first sugar batch and set aside.
3. Whip remaining sugar and yolks together until thick and light.
4. Scald milk slowly.
5. Temper milk into yolk mixture and gradually add milk.
6. Add vanilla and heat over hot water bath slowly to avoid curdling or cooking the eggs to fast. Cook until cream is thickened and coats the back of a spoon.
7. Transfer to ice bath, add raspberry mixture and gelatin. Stir constantly to avoid setting.
8. Whip heavy cream until soft peaks form and fold into the mixture.
9. Place into individual or large molds or serving dishes and chill until set.


2.25 lb or 12 portions



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