Coffee Macarons

Coffee Macarons

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Credit: Ft. Chef Antonio Bachour


For macarons

125 g almond flour
150 g confectioners sugar
100 g egg whites
100 g granulated sugar
Food coloring

For ganache

200 g milk chocolate
200 g heavy cream
20 g coffee paste


For macaron shells

Preheat oven to 275 F, low fan

Convince almond flower and confectioners sugar in a food processor and process to a fine powder
Whip egg whites and granulated sugar in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted whit a whisk attachment to medium peaks. Ad a few drops of brown food coloring and continue tau whip for 20 seconds.
Sift almond mixture over egg whites and fold, using a rubber spatula until smooth and shiny.
Pipe macarons into sheet trays with silpat, set aside to dry for 30 minutes before baking.
Bake for 12 minutes

For ganache

Heat heavy cream in a small pot, bring to simmer and pour into chocolate, add coffee paste and set for 30 minutes

Fill macarons with ganache


50 macarons



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