Edible Art (Chocolate bonbons)

Edible Art (Chocolate bonbons)

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White Chocolate 500 grams
Colored cocoa butter

Bonbon Molds


Mango ganache


1. Polish Bonbon molds well and dry with a towel

2. Temper cocoa butter (32°C) and use a brush to make different designs of flowers, let it dry for a few minutes.

3. Temper the white chocolate to 29°C

4.Cast the bonbon molds using the tempered chocolate, with the help of a spatula and allow to set.

5. Fill the shells almost full with the ganache

For the ganache you are going to need 500 grams of white chocolate and 250 grams of mang pure, in a pot heat the pure and pour into the white chocolate unill it melts, and keep stearng whit a spatula untill its smooth.

6. When the ganache set,with the help of a spatula, top off whit tempered chocolate to seal the ganache inside the mold.

7. Let set for one hour in a cool place and unmold


40 bonbons



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