Calvados Chicken with a savory Sweet Potato Blintz, Sauteed Spinach with Chantrelles, and Glazed Carrots

Calvados Chicken with a savory Sweet Potato Blintz, Sauteed Spinach with Chantrelles, and Glazed Carrots

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From the Chef

Garrett D. White, Sr.

“The inspiration for this comes with the changing of the seasons and fresh fall ingredients readily available.”


Chicken Supreme
o 1 Garlic Clove, minced
o ¼ shallot, minced
o 1 Tsp. butter
o Olive Oil (as needed)
o Salt (TT)
o Pepper (TT)
Apple Jack Cream Sauce
o 1 Chicken Wing
o Mirepoix
o ½ c. onion, diced
o ¼ c. carrot, diced
o ¼ c. celery, diced
o ¼ Medium Shallot, Minced
o ½ C. Chicken Stock
o 1/3 C. Apple Jack Brandy
o ½ C. Apple Cider
o 1 Tsp. Apple Cider Vinegar
o ¼ C. Cream
o 1 tsp. Butter
Glazed Carrots
o 1 Carrot
o 6 oz. Water
o 1 tsp. White granulated Sugar
o ¼ tsp. Brown Sugar
o 1 Tsp. Butter
o Salt (TT)
o Pepper (TT)
Sautéed Spinach with Chanterelles
o 4 C. Spinach
o 1 Clove Garlic, minced
o 2 tsp. Butter
o ¼ medium Shallot, minced
o 4 Chanterelles, chopped
o Salt (TT)
o Pepper (TT)
o Nutmeg (TT)
Savory Sweet Potato “Blintz”
o 1 Whole Egg
o 5 chives, minced
o 2 tsp. Butter
o 2 fl.oz milk
o ½ tsp. granulated Sugar
o 2 oz. Flour
o Egg white
o Salt (TT)
o Pepper (TT)
Sweet Potato Filling
o ½ Sweet Potato, diced
o 1 Chicken Thigh; boneless, skinless
o 1 slice bacon
o 2 slices Brie Cheese
o 2 T. Butter
o 1 tsp. Brown Sugar
o Granny Smith Apple, diced
o Nutmeg (TT)
o Lemon Juice (TT)
o Salt (TT)
o Pepper (TT)


Chicken Supreme
1.Place butter & oil in small iron skillet and heat on medium.
2.Sweat the garlic
3.Place chicken in skillet and brown skin
4.Place in oven until coked
5.Remove from oven flip to finish other side
6.Cook thoroughly, remove from skillet, rest and plate

Apple Jack Cream Sauce
1.Render fat from chicken wing, and brown mirepoix
2.Reduce stock with chicken wing and mirepoix, skimming top often
3.Sweat shallots, reduce apple jack and cider
4.Add vinegar to apple jack and reduce until nappé
5.Strain stock into apple jack, add cream and reduce
6.Season, strain, then mount with butter

Glazed Carrots
1.Cut carrot to desired shape.
2.Combine Carrots, water, sugar, butter and place ion stove top,
3.Cover with cartouche, and simmer until liquid has reduced to a glaze (remove cartouche to allow carrots to glaze), and carrots are tender.

Sautéed Spinach with Chanterelles
1.Cut chanterelles to size
2.Heat small sauté pan add butter, sauté chanterelles
3.Then sweat shallots then garlic
4.Add spinach to pan and sauté until done, season to taste
5.Plate with mold

Savory Sweet Potato “Blintz”
1.Whisk together the eggs, chives, butter, milk. Add the sugar, salt, pepper, and flour: whisk together, stir in melted butter, cover and refrigerate
2.Heat a sauté or crêpe pan: Pour in 1 to 1 ½ fl.oz. Of batter, swirl to coat bottom of pan evenly.
3.Whip egg white to create sealant for blintz
4.Cook the blintz until set and lightly brown, approximately 30 seconds. Flip it over and cook a few second longer. Remove from pan

Sweet Potato Filling
1.Season and Cook Chicken thigh
2.Season and cook bacon
3.Cut potatoes, apple to size
4.Sauté potatoes in butter
5.When potatoes are almost tender add apple
6.When potatoes and apples are tender add chicken meat
7.After chicken meat juice has been absorbed add brown sugar and lemon juice
8.When complete fill blintz, seal edges and sauté
9.Place in oven until ready to plate


2 Servings


Main Dish, Poultry

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