Scallops with Lobster Fingerling Hash and Corn Sauce

Scallops with Lobster Fingerling Hash and Corn Sauce

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Credit: Mike Rakun, Executive Chef/Partner, Marin Restaurant & Bar, Minneapolis
The National Culinary Review, January 2016


¼ t. garlic
¼ t. shallot
1 t. bran oil
2 oz. fingerling potatoes
2 oz. roasted corn
¼ t. jalapeño
1 oz. lobster meat
½ t. lime juice
Pinch salt
Pinch black pepper
1½ t. cilantro
½ t. scallions
¼ g. pickled red pearl onions
3 (U10) scallops, seared
½ oz. corn sauce (corn and chicken stock, pureed)
2 g. Old Bay spiced popcorn


Saute garlic and shallot in bran oil. Add potatoes, corn and jalapeño; add lobster. Season with lime juice; add salt and pepper to taste (may also need stock to bring hash together). Finish with cilantro, scallions and pearl onions. Plate with scallops, corn sauce and Old Bay spiced popcorn.


Main Dish, Seafood, The National Culinary Review

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