Coconut & Lilikoi Ceviche

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Credit: Massimo Falsini, Executive Chef, Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Kailua Kona, Hawaii
The National Culinary Review, April 2016

From the Chef

“Can serve in coconut half topped with fried potato chips.”


500 grams opakapaka (bright-pink snapper)
200 grams avocado
150 grams fresh-squeezed lime juice + more to preserve avocado
15 grams fleur de sel + more to preserve avocado
300 ml. fresh coconut water
45 grams Hawaiian rum
20 grams agave
50 grams lilikoi, fresh pulp only
10 grams organic aji amarillo chili paste
5 grams cilantro


1) Clean fish, removing belly and blood. Cut into ½-inch cubes. Set aside.

2) Cut avocado into ¼-inch cubes; preserve in lime juice and fleur de sel.

3) To prepare marinade, filter coconut water through fine cloth. Add 150 grams lime juice, rum, agave, lilikoi, chili paste and 15 grams fleur de sel. Whisk until salt dissolves. Place fish in marinade for at least 2 hours.

4) To serve, strain fish; strain avocado. Dress with cilantro, a squeeze of fresh lime juice and strained avocado. Top with pinch fleur de sel and some marinade.


20 servings


Main Dish, Seafood, The National Culinary Review

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