Coconut "Cake"


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Credit: Michelle Karr-Ueoka, Executive Pastry Chef/Owner, MW Restaurant, Honolulu
The National Culinary Review, April 2016


For each serving:
40 grams fresh pineapple puree
Scoop haupia sorbet
5 ribbons compressed pineapple, thinly sliced, each 1 x 2-inch
Panna cotta in ½-inch demi dome pieces, 2 per serving
Haupia/kaffir lime air, 30 grams per serving
Lime zest, grated, as needed

Haupia sorbet syrup:
600 g. sugar
450 g. water
100 g. glucose

Haupia sorbet:
450 g. coconut milk
300 g. sorbet syrup
225 g. water

Compressed pineapple:
½ fresh pineapple
30 grams sugar
Ginger, 4-inch piece, peeled, sliced

Panna cotta:
240 g. heavy cream
80 g. milk
180 g. sugar
Zest of 1 lemon
5 gelatin sheets

Haupia/kaffir lime air:
360 g. coconut milk
60 g. sugar
6 kaffir lime leaves


For Haupia Sorbet Syrup:
Bring sugar, water and glucose to a boil. Cool. Chill.

For Haupia Sorbet:
Combine coconut milk, sorbet syrup and water. Spin in ice cream machine until frozen.

For compressed pineapple:
Clean and core pineapple. In vacuum bag, place pineapple, sugar and ginger; compress in cryovac machine. Chill 24 hours. Slice into thin ribbons. Reserve refrigerated.

For panna cotta:
Bring cream and milk to a boil. Add sugar and lemon zest. Add gelatin; strain. Pour into ½-inch dome molds. Let set in refrigerator.

For Haupia/Kaffir lime air:
Bring coconut milk and sugar to a boil. Add kaffir lime leaves; let steep. Strain; chill. Place in an iSi canister; freeze. Place two cartridges in iSi cream whipper; attach canister to whipper. Discharge contents onto sheet pan lined with parchment paper; freeze rosettes. Mixture should look like whipped cream. Keep frozen until assembling dessert.

To plate:
At 9 o'clock position on plate, place 1 T. pineapple puree. On top, place 1 scoop haupia sorbet. Scatter compressed pineapple slices and panna cotta around. Top with haupia/kaffir lime air and grated lime.


8-10 servings


Dessert, The National Culinary Review

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