Chocolate Covered Sweet Ricotta Macaroni Truffle

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Credit: Chef Eric Pearce

From the Chef

Eric R. Pearce

“do this in a cold place”


2lbs Macaroni (cooked Elbow)
½ gal Vanilla Ice Cream Mix (Edy’s)
2lbs Ricotta Cheese
1 hotel pan Pound Cake (1 box GM Mix, make ahead of time and cool)
3.5lbs Hershey’s Semi-Sweet Chips
½ gal White Chocolate Sauce
3-6oz Powdered Mashed Potatoes
1tsp Vanilla Extract
2lbs Powdered Sugar
2lbs Granulated Sugar
1lbs Cocoa Powder (Hershey’s)
1lbs Hot Cocoa Mix
1 cup Salad Oil


Combine/Cook/Bake and set aside for later:

1) Boil pasta, drain, chill, and refrigerate
2) Bake GM box of Pound Cake, follow on box instructions
3) Blend 1lbs Cocoa Powder and 1lbs of Granulated Sugar put in container to roll truffle in
4) Open bag of Hot Cocoa mix and place in container to roll truffle in
5) Melt Chocolate Chips (only melt truffle while mix is cooling down) Blended with salad oil

Instructions to Assemble Truffles:

1) In a large mixing bowl add the macaroni, ice cream mix, powdered sugar, white chocolate sauce, ricotta cheese, vanilla extract, --Blend all these ingredients together until thoroughly combined
2) Next add to the mix from above, the baked pound cake. Crumble cake over the top of the mix and then blend til thoroughly combined
3) Next add to the mix from above, 1lbs granulated sugar and mashed potatoes, and then blend til thoroughly combined---The mix will begin to setup to a very thick “scoopable” mass.
4) Chill mix for at least 2-3 hours or until very cold and somewhat solid
5) Take a small scoop measuring 1.5-2inches in diameter and begin to scoop the mix (only scoop a few at a time so they will not begin to soften to room temperature)
6) Next with the mix scooped into balls in batches, roll each one in the Hot Cocoa mix, set aside to rest for 2 minutes.
7) Next (with melted chocolate chips) hand coat each ball with chocolate and then roll in the Cocoa Powder and Granulated Sugar Mix.
8) Line up on lightly greased pan and allow at least 1 hour to chill and firm up in refrigerator
9) Serve with a drizzle of Caramel and fresh Strawberries, ENJOY!!!



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