Inside Out Spaghetti and Meatball

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Credit: Chef Eric Pearce


4oz Basil Fresh (large size)
2lbs Ground beef (lean)
8oz Marinara sauce (premade)
8oz Parmesan (shaved)
8oz Mozzarella (grated)
4oz Onions (small diced)
4oz Shallots (small diced)
4oz Garlic (minced)
2lbs Spaghetti Noodles (cooked)
1qt EV Olive Oil
1cup Balsamic Vinegar
4oz Cornstarch
2oz Brown Sugar
2oz Granulated Sugar
4oz Tomato Paste
8oz Pankos (bread crumbs)
4oz Leeks
2oz AP Flour
4tbsp Oregano Fresh (chopped)
4tbsp Thyme Fresh (chopped)
2tsp Salt
2tsp Pepper
4tsp Garlic Granulated


Meatball Mixture, combine and set aside for later:

1) Combine, 1tbsp salt and pepper, 4oz bread crumbs, 2tbsp oregano and thyme, 4oz EVOO, all onions-shallots, 4oz parmesan and mozz, 2lbs ground beef, 4tsp garlic powder, 2oz tomato paste, 1oz fresh garlic------hand blend until all ingredients are completely incorporated into mass, then set aside for later steps of assembly

Garnishes and Toppings, make and set aside for later:

1) Add balsamic vinegar to sauce pan and bring to boil. Add brown sugar and granulated sugar to vinegar.
2) Add 1oz cornstarch and water to vinegar and sugar mixture. Thicken and cool down for balsamic glaze used as garnish for plate up
3) Chop rings of Leeks and coat in flour mixed with salt and pepper to taste. Coat leeks in light amount of EVOO and toss in flour then pan fry in EVOO for garnish during plate up, lay out on napkin to soak excess grease

Main Assembly of Structured Recipe:

1) Combine pasta, marinara sauce, salt and pepper to taste, mozz, parmesan, oregano, thyme---blend well til all is coated and mixed completely, then take the large basil leaves and wrap around a ball of pasta and sauce. Then coat in ground beef mixture on the outside so the basil leaves, pasta and sauce are in the center of the meatball.
2) Bake meatball slowly on 300d F for 20 minutes or until fully cooked to 165F in the center of the meatball. The ball should be the size of a baseball or tennis ball when correctly executed.
3) Lay to rest after cooking for 5 minutes and then plate up the meatball and garnish with fried leeks, shaved parmesan and balsamic glaze, ENJOY!!


Main Dish, Pasta

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