Mango Manchego Stuffed Jalapeños with Curry Cornmeal Crunch

Mango Manchego Stuffed Jalapeños with Curry Cornmeal Crunch

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Credit: Meryl Connell, Chef, Southwest Soul Catering, Essex Fells, New Jersey
The National Culinary Review, May 2016


3 T. cornmeal
1 T. curry powder
½ t. salt
¾ t. extra virgin olive oil + extra, as needed
5 (approximately 4-inch) jalapeño peppers, sliced in half lengthwise, deseeded
1 firm ripe fresh mango, peeled, pitted, cut in thin baton pieces
¼ lb. finely shredded manchego cheese, divided
Fresh mango slices, for garnish


Combine cornmeal, curry, salt and ¾ t. olive oil. Rub outside of each pepper half with olive oil. Fill each pepper with equal amount cheese, reserving 2 T. to sprinkle on top. Place 3-4 mango pieces in each pepper, pushing down. Sprinkle large pinch crunch mixture on each pepper; add a few shreds of reserved cheese. Sprinkle another pinch crunch mixture on top. Bake at 400°F 15 minutes. Serve warm.


4-5 (appetizer) servings


Appetizer, The National Culinary Review

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