California Avocado Sheets

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Credit: Gabrielle Quiñónez Denton and Greg Denton, Co-Chefs, Ox, Portland, Oregon
The National Culinary Review, May 2016


6 fresh large (approximately 8 oz. each) California avocados, peeled, halved, pitted
Kosher salt, as needed
4 T. lime juice, divided


Sprinkle each avocado half with salt. Place each piece, flat-side down, in 6 x 8-inch vacuum seal bag. Add 1 t. lime juice to each bag; press gently so avocado flattens to no more than 2 inches from open side of bag. Place bag in vacuum sealer; seal top ½ inch of bag. Repeat with remaining avocado halves. With rolling pin, mash avocado thinly and evenly to edges of bag. Lay bags flat on baking sheet; freeze until solid.


The National Culinary Review, Vegetarian

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