Classical Rossini Filet

Classical Rossini Filet

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Sizzle, Fall 2015


1 loaf round white bread
2 T. butter, divided
Sea salt, fine ground
4 filet mignons (approximately 200 grams each)
4 slices foie gras (approximately 80 grams each)
4 slices black truffle

Madeira sauce
1 t. port wine
2 t. brandy
2 t. Madeira wine
4 oz. veal stock

French green beans
2 t. clarified butter
16 French green beans
Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper, as needed


1. Slice and remove crust of white loaf; cut each slice to size of filets. Brush bread with butter; finish in saute pan until goldenbrown on each side. Reserve.

2. Season filets with fine sea salt and fresh ground pepper. In large saute pan, cook three minutes or until medium-rare. Rest in warm place.

3. Place whole slices foie gras in saute pan; sear on each side. Remove; retain fat in pan.

4. Thin-slice black truffle.

For Madeira sauce:
1. Deglaze pan used for foie gras with port wine, brandy, Madeira wine and veal stock. Reduce to sauce consistency.

For French green beans:
1. In a saute pan on high heat, add 2 t. of clarified butter; quickly saute green beans. Season to taste.

For plating:
1. Lay down crouton.

2. Place filet on top.

3. Sauce plate.

4. Put foie gras slice on top of filet; mount black truffle slice.

5. Add French green beans on side.


4 servings


Beef, Main Dish, Sizzle

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