Brisket and Smoke

Brisket and Smoke

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Sizzle, Summer 2016


10 lbs. whole brisket
¼ cup each, paprika, kosher salt, fresh cracked black pepper, cumin and chili powder
2 T. cayenne pepper
2 T. brown sugar
1 T. dry mustard

Infused pinto beans puree
1 lb. dried pinto beans
Cool water
½ t. chili powder
¼ t. ground cayenne pepper
½ cup sliced sweet onion
¼ t. kosher salt
½ cup Texas Barbecue Sauce (see
classic recipe)

Deconstructed Texas slaw
1 cup Central Texas slaw dressing (see classic recipe)
1 T. cracked coriander seeds, toasted
1 oz. micro cilantro greens
¼ large head red cabbage, large
¼ head green cabbage, cut in
¼-inch ribbons
8-10 baby carrots, peeled, cut in half
2 jalapeños, sliced in rings
1 red bell pepper, fine julienned

Cilantro and toasted coriander seeds for garnish
Smoke gun
4-inch glass dome


1. Trim excess fat from brisket, leaving 1/8-¼ inch fat cap.

2. To make rub, mix together paprika, salt, black pepper, cumin, chili powder, cayenne pepper, brown sugar and dry mustard. Rub mixture over entire surface of meat. Let meat rest while oven preheats to 250°F.

3. On well-ventilated stovetop, sear brisket well. Wrap tightly in four layers of foil. Place on sheet pan in oven. Cook approximately 8 hours until fork tender.

4. Allow brisket to rest.

For infused pinto beans puree:
1. Cover beans in cool water; refrigerate overnight.

2. Drain beans, reserving water. Transfer beans to large, heavybottomed pot. Cover with about 3 cups reserved soaking water or as needed to submerge beans.

3. Add chili powder and cayenne. Cook over medium heat for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in sweet onion and salt.

4. Puree warm beans in blender with barbecue sauce; pass through fine sieve.

For deconstructed Texas slaw:
Combine cabbage, carrots, jalapeños and bell pepper. Toss in required amount of dressing to coat thoroughly. Marinate at least 30 minutes.

For plating:
1. Cut brisket into three 2 oz. pieces.

2. With spoon, place bean puree in crescent shape on plate. Position three pieces of brisket equally spaced on top of crescent.

3. Arrange dressed vegetables on top of bean crescent.

4. Sprinkle cilantro and toasted coriander seeds on crescent and plate.

5. With smoke gun, trap smoke under glass dome. Place opposite crescent on plate. Serve immediately.

6. Place plate in front of guest; slowly remove dome, releasing trapped smoke to complete flavors of Texas barbecue.


20-24 servings


Beef, Main Dish, Sizzle

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