Cherry Chardonnay Tart with Pistachio Chantilly and Miso Ice Cream

Cherry Chardonnay Tart with Pistachio Chantilly and Miso Ice Cream

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Credit: Robert Nieto, Executive Pastry Chef, Kendall-Jackson Winery, Napa, California
National Culinary Review, January 2017


Chardonnay/Coconut Sablé
18.2 oz. all-purpose flour
0.4 oz. Whole Vine chardonnay
powder (from dried, pulverized
grape skins)
1.4 oz. coconut flakes
0.07 oz. salt
2.9 oz. palm sugar
0.07 oz. lime zest
8.6 oz. Whole Vine chardonnay
grapeseed oil
Palm sugar, as needed

Pistachio Chantilly
10.7 oz. heavy cream
1.2 oz. sugar
1.4 oz. pistachio paste

Black Sesame Microwave Sponge Cake
3.6 oz. black sesame seeds, toasted
1.4 oz. chardonnay grapeseed oil
3.2 oz. sugar
0.7 oz. cake flour
5.4 oz. eggs
0.04 oz. salt

Smoked-Vanilla Cherries
10.7 oz. fresh (or frozen) cherries,
7.1 oz. sugar
8.6 oz. water
1 vanilla bean, split, scraped

Candied Marcona Almonds
3.6 oz. Marcona almonds, chopped
0.7 oz. sugar
0.4 oz. water
0.04 oz. salt

Yuzu Caramel Sauce
7.1 oz. heavy cream
6.3 oz. sugar
1.4 oz. butter
1 oz. yuzu juice
0.07 oz. salt

Miso Ice Cream
11.7 oz. heavy cream
11.7 oz. milk
4.6 oz. sugar
0.07 oz. ice cream stabilizer
5.4 oz. yolks
1.4 oz. miso paste


Chardonnay/Coconut Sablé
Method: Place dry ingredients in robot coupe; blend for 1 minute. Transfer, with lime zest, to bowl of standard mixer with paddle attachment. Mix on low speed; gently pour oil over ingredients until dough has formed. Wrap dough in plastic film; chill for 1 hour. Roll dough on lightly floured surface to 1
/8-inch thick. Cut into 3-inch rounds. Sprinkle palm sugar on top. Bake at 300°F for 8 minutes.

Black Sesame Microwave Sponge Cake
Method: Toast sesame seeds at 400°F for 4 minutes. Cool completely. Place all ingredients in Vitamix; blend 2 minutes until smooth. Strain batter. Place in canister; charge twice. Lightly spray paper cup; poke small holes in bottom. Dispense 50 grams in cup. Place in microwave for 25 seconds. Reserve.

Smoked-Vanilla Cherries
Method: On small sheet pan, torch vanilla bean pod. In small pot, combine sugar, water, vanilla bean seeds and pod. Bring to a full boil. Once cool, pour over cherries; infuse for 6 hours.

Candied Marcona Almonds
Method: Mix all ingredients together. Bake on Silpat at 300°F for 8 minutes. Cool completely

Yuzu Caramel Sauce
Method: In small pot, scald cream. In another small pot, make dry caramel; cook until amber color. Deglaze
with cream. Whisk in butter. Strain caramel. Stir in yuzu juice and salt. Cool completely

Miso Ice Cream
Method: Warm milk and heavy cream. Combine sugar and stabilizer. Whisk sugar mixture and yolks together. Temper milk mixture with yolk mixture; place back on heat. Cook mixture to 185°F. Stir in miso paste. Strain. Cool in ice water bath. Churn ice cream; place in freezer.

To assemble: Brush yuzu caramel on round plate. Place chardonnay sablé in middle. Pipe pistachio chantilly
onto plate. Place 1 whole cherry on sablé. Cut 1 cherry in half; place on each side of tart. Add a few pieces of black sesame sponge cake to plate. Sprinkle almonds on right side. Scoop miso ice cream into quenelles; place on top of almonds. Garnish plate with micro flowers.


15 servings


Dessert, The National Culinary Review

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