Coco Tropic Tart

Coco Tropic Tart

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Credit: Scott Green, Executive Pastry Chef, The Langham, Chicago, Illinois
The National Culinary Review, January 2017


Coconut Pâte à Foncer
275 g coconut oil, cold
25 g brown sugar
8 g salt
20 g egg yolks
80 g water
400 g pastry flour
90 g desiccated coconut

Passion Fruit Cream
220 g passion fruit puree
132 g sugar
140 g whole egg
125 g egg yolk
120 g coconut oil

Coconut Mousse
106 g water
20 g coconut milk
502 g coconut cream, divided
6 g vanilla paste
98 g sugar
140 g egg yolk
12 g gelatin
60 g water


Coconut Pâte à Foncer
Method: Cream coconut oil with sugar and salt. Add yolks; mix until emulsified, add water. Add flour and
coconut in three additions, mixing until just combined. Roll to 1/8-inch thick. Line 9-inch tart ring. Blind bake at 350°F for 20-30 minutes.

Passion Fruit Cream
Method: Combine passion fruit puree, sugar, whole eggs and egg yolks. Cook, while whisking, to 82°C. Cool for 5 minutes. Add coconut oil; hand-blend. Cast cream while hot into baked, cooled coconut tart shell, filling halfway.

Coconut Mousse
Method: Bloom gelatin in cold water; set aside. Whip 395 g coconut cream to soft peaks; reserve in cooler. Combine water, coconut milk and 107 g coconut cream; bring to a simmer. Combine egg yolks and sugar; temper into milk. Cook, while whisking, to 85°C. Add gelatin; mix until homogenized. Cool to 30°C; fold in reserved whipped coconut cream. Cast coconut mousse into coconut tart shell over passion fruit cream. Reserve remaining mousse for garnish.


Dessert, The National Culinary Review

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