Jackfruit Tacos

Jackfruit Tacos

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Credit: Peter Olsacher, Executive Chef, Bahama Breeze, Orlando, Florida
The National Culinary Review, November/December 2017


1 cup young, green jackfruit
1/3 cup black beans
1/3 cup corn kernels
1/3 cup tomato, chopped
1 T. lime juice
Salt and pepper, to taste
1 cup barbecue sauce
1 T. guava paste
1 t. olive oil
1 small sweet onion, sliced
4 flour tortillas
½ cup mayonnaise
2 T. Sriracha
Jicama Mango Slaw (recipe follows)
¼ cup tortilla strips
1 T. cilantro, chopped
Guacamole (optional)

Jicama Mango Slaw
1 t. freshly squeezed lime juice
1 t. light brown sugar
Salt, to taste
½ t. habanero sauce
½ cup mango, peeled, diced
1 cup jicama, peeled, julienned
½ cup red bell pepper, diced
1 T. cilantro, chopped


1. If using fresh jackfruit, peel; cut into 1-inch cubes. Boil in lightly salted water for 30 minutes or
until tender. Drain. (If using canned, make sure it’s young, green jackfruit packed in water or brine.)
2. Cut jackfruit into thin slices that mimic a shredded texture. Set aside.
3. In small bowl, combine black beans, corn and tomato. Toss with lime juice, salt and pepper.
4. Add barbecue sauce and guava paste to small saucepot over low heat. Whisk until combined.
5. In saute pan, heat olive oil on medium. Saute onion until translucent, about 3-5 minutes.
6. Add jackfruit and guava/barbecue sauce to saute pan. Toss gently to combine. Cook on medium-high heat for about 5 minutes until tender.
7. Warm tortillas. Mix mayonnaise and Sriracha in small bowl.
8. Build tacos as follows: jicama/mango slaw, tortilla strips, jackfruit, Sriracha mayonnaise and black bean/tomato/corn salsa. Add sprinkling of cilantro. Serve with guacamole.

Jicama Mango Slaw
Method: Combine lime juice, brown
sugar, salt and habanero sauce in a
medium bowl; whisk until combined.
Add mango, jicama, red bell pepper
and cilantro; toss to combine.


4 Tacos


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