Texas Shiner Bock Beef Short Rib

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From the Chef

Joaquin Alcocer, Jr., CEC

“Serve with herbed Yukon Gold Mashers and Braised kale or seasonal green vegetable”


Ingredients Amount/Qty

Canola Oil 1/4 cup

For dusting ribs:
ShortRib Portions (12 oz. each) 8
Salt To Taste
Fresh Ground Pepper To Taste
All Purpose Flour 4 cups
Granulated Garlic (optional) 2 Tbsp
Granulated Onion (optional) 2 Tbsp

For Mirepoix:
Leeks (white + 2" green 2 each
Large Dice)
Carrots (peeled & chopped 2 each
large dice)
Celery Ribs (Large Dice) 2 each
Onions (Large Dice) 2 each
Garlic (Whole roasted) 8 each
Bay Leaves (fresh) 3 each
Thyme Sprigs (fresh sprigs) 2 each.
Rosemary (fresh sprigs)

Shiner Bock 2.5 btl
Beef Stock 8 cups
Demi-Glace 1 cup
Brown Sugar 1/4 cup
Tomato Paste 1/4 cup
Ancho Peppers, stems and 2 ea
seeds removed

For Sauce


1) Heat oil in brazier over medium-high heat.
2) Season beef ribs with salt and pepper.
3) Dredge in Seasoned Flour
3) Sear in hot oil until well-browned on all sides.
4) Remove beef ribs from brazier and hold on the side.
5) Add vegetables to brazier and cook until caramelized.
(approximately 5 minutes)
6) Add garlic and herbs and cook 2 minutes.
7) Add 2 btl shiner bock
8) Add beefstock demi-glace, brown
sugar, anchos, and tomato paste to rondeau
9) Return beef ribs back to the brazier, bring to a simmer
10) Cover brazier and cook in oven at 300º for 2-2½ hours
until beef is tender.
11) Remove from oven and refrigerate in the braising liquid
12) Remove the fat, oil, and ribs from liquid. Strain and add
remaining 1/2 btl shiner and braising liquid
to sauce pan and reduce by half or until it has thickened to nappe consistency.
13) Adjust Seasoning
14) Transfer to a proper storage container. Cover, label,
date, initial and store at the proper place in the walk-in.




Beef, Main Dish

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