Sole Meuniére (Modern)

Sole Meuniére (Modern)

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Credit: Anthony Newman, Senior Culinary Arts Student, Southern New Hampshire University
Sizzle, Fall 2018


1 whole Dover sole
1 ounce capers
4 sprigs fresh parsley
1 ounce olive oil
1 ounce lemon juice

Asparagus Purée:
1 pound fresh green asparagus
8 ounces whole butter
12 ounces water
1 ounce sherry vinegar
Salt, to taste

Balsamic Pearls:
6 ounces balsamic vinegar
2 grams agar-agar
4 cups vegetable oil

Olive Oil Powder:
2.8 ounces olive oil
.9 ounces tapioca maltodextrin

Asparagus Curls:
6 stalks green asparagus

Puffed Wheat Berry:
8 ounces wheat berry


1. Set sous vide circulator to 120 F to have water bath ready to par cook fish.
2. Prepare vacuum seal bags.
3. At this point, debone sole by fileting the fish, leaving skin on.
4. Add the fish to the vacuum sealed bag, along with some parsley, and a teaspoon of olive oil, lemon juice, and capers.
5. Sous vide for one hour.
6. Lay out fish to dry under refrigeration.
7. Before service, season, roll in rice or tapioca flour, then saute skin side up until skin is crisp.
8. Let rest.

Asparagus Purée:
1. Combine asparagus, butter and water into a saucepot and bring up to boil.
2. Boil contents for about 15 minutes.
3. Purée asparagus with 2 ounces of the cooking liquid in a kitchen blender. Adjust consistency until desired viscosity is accomplished. Season with salt and add 1 ounce of sherry vinegar and pulse again.
4. Strain to a very fine sieve to make sure consistency is as smooth as possible.
5. Refrigerate and gently reheat before serving. Note: If more acidity is desired, add more sherry vinegar. If smoother consistency is desired, add more whole butter while mixture is still hot in the blender.

Balsamic Pearls:
1. Place tall plastic cup of vegetable oil in the freezer for about 30 minutes to cool.
2. Heat the balsamic vinegar and sprinkle in 2 grams of agar-agar.
3. Bring the solution to boil and remove as soon as it begins to boil.
4. With a pipette, drop the hot liquid into the cold vegetable oil.
5. Collect pearls with slotted spoon and then rinse in cold water.
6. Hold in air tight container in refrigerator until service.

Olive Oil Powder:
1. In a stainless-steel bowl, whisk together the olive oil and maltodextrin until it turns to powder.
2. To make this product fluffier, run through a fine chinois.
3. Reserve in air tight container.

Asparagus Curls:
1. Prepare a medium sized stainless-steel bowl filled with 2/3 ice and the rest cold water.
2. Peel the asparagus in to bowl so that the asparagus curls and stays crisp until service.

Puffed Wheat Berry:
1. Boil wheat berries for about 1 hour and 25 minutes, until well overcooked.
2. Drain.
3. Lay out on parchment and cool.
4. After very thoroughly air dried, deep fry at 350 F for about 4 minutes or until completely crunchy.
5. Season with salt and pepper.
6. Hold in air tight container for service.

To Plate:
1. First, make desired design on plate with asparagus purée.
2. Place the puffed wheat berries in two different spots on the plate.
3. The sole filet can now be placed slightly offset from the center of the plate.
4. Place balsamic pearls in three different spots around the fish and dust the plate with the olive powder.
5. Garnish with the asparagus curls and microgreens.


4 servings


Main Dish, Seafood, Sizzle

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