Buffalo Chicken Confit

Buffalo Chicken Confit

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• Dry Rub:
o Salt 2T
o Sugar 1t
o Smoked Sugar 2t
o Black Pepper 1t
o Cayenne ½ t
o Celery Salt ¼ t
o Granulated Garlic ½ t
• Buffalo Sauce:
o Franks Red Hot 1C
o Butter, Melted 1C
o Honey ¼ C
o Salt 2t
o Pickled Jalapeno Vinegar 2 T
• Salad:
o Celery Leaves ¼ C
o Green Onions ¼ C
o Blue Cheese Crumbles 1/3 C
o Salt 1 t
o Cilantro ¼ C
o Salad Oil 1 T
o Pickled Red onions ¼ C
• Pickled Red Onions:
o Red onion ½ EA
o Vinegar ¼ C
o Sugar 2 T
o Salt 1 t
o Water ½ C
o Pickling Spice 3 T


o Prepare 4 whole chickens into 8 halves by splitting and removing the backbone and the breastbone. Then pat dry with paper towels
o Mix all the dry ingredients together and dust on all sides of the chicken. Sit on a baling sheet with wire rack. Allow to sit for at least 8 hours and up to 24 hours.
o Rinse all the seasoning off under cold running water and pat dry with paper towels.
o Place chicken in single layer on 4-inch pan and submerge it with vegetable oil.
o Place in Thermodyne at 190° for 5 hours.
o When finished, allow to cool to room temp and then place over night in a cooler.
o To prepare buffalo sauce, place all ingredients in blender and on low speed mix for 30 seconds.
o To prepare pickled red onions, Julienne red onion. Bring all the ingredients to a boil and strain. Pour hot liquid over onions and let it sit in a cooler overnight.
o To prepare salad, pick celery leaves and cilantro and place in bowl. Slice green onions on an angle. Toss everything together in bowl with oil and salt.
o For reheating of chicken, either fry in deep fryer set at 325° or roast in 400° oven until internal temperature is 155°.
o Plate your chicken of a starch or vegetable of your choice and drizzle with buffalo sauce and top with salad.


8 Portions


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