Financiers (Classic)

Financiers (Classic)

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Credit: Unknown
the National Culinary Review, November 2020

From the Chef

“Financiers with Chantilly Cream and Fresh Fruit: Financiers sound like something that belongs at a bank rather than on a restaurant’s dessert menu. That was the point in the nineteenth century, when an inventive baker whose shop was located near Paris’ financial district popularized the dense cake’s classic gold-bar shape. This clever marketing ploy helped capture the attention of the money makers who walked by the shop on their way to and from work. Financiers are versatile and easy to master; the flavorful cake — made with almond flour, egg whites and butter — can be dressed up or kept simple with a dusting of confectioners’ sugar and paired with whipped cream and fresh berries.”


185 g unsalted butter
210 g confectioners’ sugar, divided
140 g fine almond meal
70 g bread flour
salt, pinch
185 g egg whites

Chantilly Cream:
227 g heavy cream
56 g sugar
5 g vanilla extract

Fresh Fruit Garnish:
30 raspberries
30 blueberries
10 small sprig tips of mint


1. Preheat oven to 450°F.
2. Melt and cool butter.
3. Blend in 5 grams confectioners’ sugar.
4. With pastry brush, apply some melted butter and sugar mixture to coat financier molds, making sure to coat them completely, including corners. Chill molds to solidify butter.
5. In large bowl, combine almond meal, 205 grams confectioners’ sugar, flour and salt. Mix to blend.
6. Add egg whites; mix until thoroughly blended.
7. Add remaining melted butter and sugar mixture; mix until completely incorporated. The mixture will be fairly thin and pourable.
8. Scoop or pipe batter evenly into molds, almost to the rim.
9. Place baking sheet on center oven rack. Bake until financiers just begin to rise, about 7 minutes and/or when a slight golden color appears.
10. Vent oven; reduce heat to 400°F. Continue baking until financiers become light and a delicate brown color and begin to firm up, about another 7-10 minutes. Keep an eye on how the financiers are browning.
11. Remove baking sheet from oven; let financiers cool in molds 5-7 minutes. Unmold onto cooling racks.
12. When completely cooled, sprinkle lightly with confectioners’ sugar.

Chantilly Cream:
1. In mixing bowl, whip ingredients together to form medium peaks.
2. Using Ateco #826 star tip, fill pastry bag with chantilly cream.

Fresh Fruit Garnish:
1. Pipe 2x2-inch rosette of chantilly cream onto each serving plate.
2. Place 3 raspberries, 3 blueberries and 1 mint sprig tip on each serving plate in and around rosette.
3. Place two financiers on each plate, one financier slightly angled, the other set on the first.


10 servings (2 cakes each)


Dessert, The National Culinary Review

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