Three Onion Soup

Three Onion Soup

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Credit: Courtesy of National Onion Association
The National Culinary Review, May 2013


1¼ lbs. butter
5 lbs. yellow onions
2½ lbs. red onions
1 bunch leeks
3 bay leaves
2 cups dry vermouth, divided
White pepper, to taste
Chicken base, to taste
1 gal. heavy cream
¼ cup cornstarch
Chives, chopped, as needed


Method: Put butter, onions, leeks and bay leaves in pan; cook on slow heat until onions translucent. Add 1½ cups vermouth. Add white pepper and chicken base (for desired salt content), to taste. Add cream; bring to a simmer. Mix remaining vermouth with cornstarch; add to desired thickness. Garnish with chives.


25 servings


Soup, The National Culinary Review

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