Galliano/Honeybell Barbecue Sauce

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Credit: Jim Sargood, General Manager, Naples Tomato, Naples, Fla.
The National Culinary Review, July/August 2010


2 cups Galliano
2 (14-oz.) jars ketchup
½ cup Lingham’s sauce
½ cup brown sugar
4 cups freshly squeezed Honeybell juice
½ cup honey
1 T. Worcestershire sauce


Method: In medium saucepan, heat Galliano over high flame; light to burn off alcohol. While alcohol is burning off, mix ketchup, Lingham’s sauce, sugar, Honeybell juice, honey and Worcestershire sauce. Once flame has gone out, add to pan; mix thoroughly. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; reduce liquid by a third. Remove from heat. Cool in ice bath.


4 servings


Sauce/Dressing/Rub, The National Culinary Review

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