Tiki Tiki

Tiki Tiki

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Credit: Cheryl Wakerhauser, Pastry Chef/Owner, Pix Pâtisserie, Portland, Ore.
The National Culinary Review, May 2010

From the Chef

“Chef’s recommended beverage pairing: Lindemans Cassis Lambic”


Coconut Meringue
17.6 oz. egg whites
17.6 oz. sugar
8.8 oz. unsweetened coconut
8.8 oz. icing sugar

Biscuit Jaconde Décor
11.5 oz. eggs
10 oz. powdered sugar
5.6 oz. pastry flour
10 oz. almond meal, blanched
2 oz. butter, melted, not hot
15.2 oz. egg whites
3.6 oz. sugar

Mango/Passion Fruit Mousse
16.5 oz. + 2.3 oz. sugar
4.2 oz. water
9.4 oz. egg whites
24 oz. heavy cream
1 oz. sheet gelatin
9.3 oz. passion fruit purée
18.7 oz. mango purée

Mango Mirror
0.5 oz. sheet gelatin
10.5 oz. simple syrup
10.5 oz. mango purée

Fresh mango, as needed


Coconut Meringue
Method: Prepare a French meringue with eggs whites and sugar. Fold in coconut and icing sugar. Spread on full sheet pan; bake at 325ºF for 40 minutes.

Biscuit Jaconde Décor
Method: In bowl, mix eggs to break up. In separate bowl, combine powered sugar, pastry flour and almond meal; mix until combined. Add dry mixture to eggs; mix on high speed for about 4 minutes until light and fluffy. Fold in melted butter. Prepare a dense French meringue with egg whites and sugar. Fold meringue into egg batter. Spread evenly on Silpat-lined full sheet pan. Immediately bake at 400ºF for about 4 minutes per side, or until cake is set and barely browned.

Mango/Passion Fruit Mousse
Method: Prepare Italian meringue by bringing 16.5 oz. sugar and water to 250ºF; pour syrup into firm peak meringue made with egg whites and remaining sugar. Whisk until completely cool; set aside. Whisk cream to soft peaks; set aside. Soak gelatin sheet in cold water for 5 minutes. Drain; melt. Temper melted gelatin into passion fruit and mango purées. Fold puée/gelatin mixture into Italian meringue; fold in cream.

Mango Mirror
Method: Soak sheet gelatin in cold water. Drain. Melt gelatin; temper with simple syrup and mango purée. Cool. Gently reheat.

To assemble: Line 1.5-oz. plastic molds with acetate strips, then, ¾-inch strips jaconde. Place small piece coconut meringue in bottom. Top with 1 piece fresh mango. Pipe mango/passion fruit mousse into molds to cover coconut meringue and mango pieces. Freeze. Unmold; top with mango mirror.

Chef’s note: To create a décor design, spread chocolate tuile mixture through stencil onto Silpat. Freeze. Bring out at last moment; cover with joconde batter just before baking.


150 mini desserts


Dessert, The National Culinary Review

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