Ragoût of Corn, Leek and Fennel

Ragoût of Corn, Leek and Fennel

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Credit: Michael Matarazzo, 2010 U.S.A.’s Chef of the Year™
The National Culinary Review, September 2010


1 oz. olive oil
¼ cup sliced leek
¼ cup shaved fennel
1 cup corn
½ oz. white wine
½ oz. Pernod
½ cup heavy cream
2 T. peeled Idaho potato
Salt and pepper, to taste
½ t. fennel top, chopped


Method: Heat olive oil in pan over medium heat. Add leek, fennel and corn; sweat until translucent. Add white wine; reduce until sec. Add Pernod; reduce until sec. Add cream; reduce by ¼. With box grater, shred some potato directly into pan to thicken mixture. Finish with salt, pepper and fennel tops.


4 servings


Side, The National Culinary Review

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