Chocolate Writing

Chocolate Writing

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Credit: Brian D. Peffley, CEPC, CCE, AAC
Sizzle, Winter 2013


Inexpensive semisweet chocolate bits
Salad oil

Note: Higher grades of chocolate do not require added oil and set up firmly, peel easily from parchment paper and stand up vertically. Use after the skill is mastered.


1. Melt chocolate over water bath; add oil to attain smooth flowing consistency.

2. Fold parchment sheet lengthwise; cut in half. Fold diagonally to form triangle; cut triangle shape from seam. (One parchment sheet yields eight triangles.)

3. Hold triangle in center of longest side. Slowly roll triangle to form cone or cornet. Assure pointed end is completely enclosed.

4. Fill cornet half full with prepared chocolate, folding cornet away from center seam to prevent unraveling. Trim tip with sharp scissors.

5. Keep cornet tip away from writing surface. Think of it as laying down chocolate string.

6. Work on flow and movement. Do not stop by tearing away the chocolate. Build up the ends to create a professional look. Keep letters uniform and consistent in size. Remember baseline and midline of letters; keep them straight and even.


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