Carrot Noodles

Carrot Noodles

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Credit: Richard Rosendale, CMC
Sizzle, Summer 2013


300 grams reserved carrot juice
1 gram locust bean gum
1 gram kappa-carrageenan
0.5 grams iota-carrageenan
0.5 grams calcium lactate
1 t. xanthan gum


1. Blend all ingredients in high-powered blender at low speed for 30 seconds. Allow bubbles to settle.

2. Heat in pan while gently whisking until reaches 156°F.

3. Using syringe, fill ¹/8-inch plastic tubing with mixture. Submerge tubes in ice water, except for tube openings, for 10 minutes. Using syringe, blow out tubes.

Sizzle - Summer 2013 Issue


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