Seafood and Rabbit Paella

Seafood and Rabbit Paella

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Credit: Adam Monroe, lead line cook, The Country Club, Chestnut Hill, Mass.
Sizzle, Spring 2011


3 dried nora peppers, stemmed, seeded, chopped
3 oz. Spanish extra virgin olive oil
2 red bell peppers, divided
1 oz. smashed garlic clove
3 oz. fresh tomato purée, processed in food mill
3 lbs. white fish bones
½ lb. roasted shrimp shells
2 qts. water
Salt, to taste, divided
1 oz. Spanish olive oil
6 chicken thighs, boned and tied or cubed
6 rabbit legs, 1-inch cubes
¼ cup diced onion
3 artichoke hearts, cut in quarters
3 oz. dry-cured Spanish chorizo, cut in coins
11/3 cups Spanish Bomba or Calasparra rice
Pinch of saffron, steeped in hot water
6 littleneck clams, cleaned of sand and grit
6 mussels, scrubbed, beards removed
6 small calamari, sliced in rings
3 16/20 shrimp, butterflied, shell on
3 langoustines, head on, cut in half
½ cup blanched peas or lima beans
Aïoli, as needed for service


1. Prepare sofrito: Over medium heat, toast nora peppers in extra virgin olive oil. Dice 1½ red bell peppers. Add to nora peppers, with garlic; cook briefly. Add tomato purée; simmer 5 minutes. Remove ½ cup for paella stock. Purée remaining mixture. Reserve 1 oz. for paella.

2. Prepare paella stock: Cook fish bones, shrimp shells, water and salt for 1 hour. Add ½ cup sofrito to paella stock; cook 30 minutes. Strain stock through cheesecloth. Reserve.

3. In paella pan, heat olive oil over medium-high flame. Add chicken and rabbit; brown on all sides. Remove. Peel and dice remaining ½ red bell pepper. Add ¼ cup onion, artichoke, chorizo and diced red pepper, cooking until lightly brown. Add rice; sauté for a few minutes. Return rabbit and chicken to
pan; cover with 3½ cups hot paella stock, reserved prepared puréed sofrito and saffron tea. Set timer for 5 minutes; cook paella over high heat. Stir rice during this stage. When time is up, do not stir rice.
With 10 minutes remaining, add seafood in stages: clams, mussels, calamari, shrimp and langoustines. Mussels and clams should be facing up. Split shrimp and langoustines should be placed shell-side down. When 10 minutes is up, turn heat on high to create socarat. Once it is achieved, remove from heat; add peas. Let paella rest for 5 minutes.

4. Serve in paella pan with aioli on side.

Sizzle - Spring 2011 Issue


6 servings


Main Dish, Sizzle

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