Sugar Garnish

Sugar Garnish

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Credit: Leslie Eckert, CEPC, CCE, academic director of culinary and pastry art programs, The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham, Durham, N.C.
Sizzle, Fall 2013


226.7 g sugar


1. Cook granulated sugar to caramelized stage (313°F-330°F).

2. With fork, spin sugar over Silpat to create fine mesh of sugar.

3. Place Silpat in 250°F oven; warm until surface of sugar is tacky.

4. While sugar is still soft, cut out with 4-inch round cutter.

5. Place rounds on Silpat; place in oven to soften again.

6. Once softened, gently curl rounds into three dimensional shapes. Use immediately.

Sizzle - Fall 2013 Issue


Dessert, Sizzle

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