Local Duo Vichyssoise

Local Duo Vichyssoise

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Credit: Elaine Taubin, CEC, Executive Chef, Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville, Tenn.
Sizzle, Summer 2011


2 Tennessee sweet potatoes
2 Kennebec potatoes
½ Vidalia onion
2 leeks
2 oz. butter, divided
32 oz. natural chicken stock, divided
16 oz. heavy cream, divided
Salt, to taste
3 oz. mascarpone cheese
1 oz. blood orange purée


1. Peel both kinds of potato; cut into 1-inch cubes. Keep separate. Hold in cold water.

2. Julienne onion. Slice two leeks ¼-inch thick. Use white part only; reserve green part for garnish.
Soak in cold water to remove all sand.

3. Place two pots on medium heat. Place 1 oz. butter in each; melt. Sauté leeks in one pot until soft. In the other, sauté onion until transparent.

4. Add Kennebec potatoes to leeks. Add 16 oz. stock and 8 oz. cream. Simmer. Add sweet potatoes to onion. Add 16 oz. stock and 8 oz. cream. Simmer.

5. When potatoes are soft, remove from heat.

6. Purée with Bermixer. Keep potato mixtures separate. Taste; adjust seasoning. If too thick, add a little more stock. Chill overnight.

7. Prior to service, check soup for consistency. If too thick, add cream.

8. Prepare garnish: Blend cheese and blood orange purée. Thinly slice reserved green parts of leeks. Clean thoroughly; dry.

9. To serve: Pour into serving bowls with sweet potato on one side and white potato on the other. Garnish with a quenelle of blood orange/mascarpone cheese purée and leeks.

Sizzle - Summer 2011 Issue


6 servings


Sizzle, Soup

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