Caramelized Ramps

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Jeff Bacon, CEC, CCA, AAC

“Ramps are available from Georgia to Maine from late March in the South until late June up North. To date there have been no successful attempts to cultivate them for commercial uses. Raw they are unbelievably pungent with a strong garlic/onion flavor. Once cooked they mellow and have an incredible earthy sweetness.”


1# Ramps (Wild Mountain Leeks)
2 TB Butter
1 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Black Pepper


Clean ramps by removing bulbs from the leafy top. Reserve the tops for other use. (They are excellent sautéed). Split bulbs in half removing root end.
Melt butter in a saute pan or skillet.
Cook ramps at medium heat slowly sautéing until translucent.
Season with salt and pepper and continue to cook until ramps take on a light brown color.


1 cup



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