Niçoise Salad

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Credit: Alfonso Mendoza
Sizzle, Fall 2010


14 oz. mixed greens
Dressing (recipe follows)
2 oz. mixed lettuces
4 oz. albacore tuna in red wine vinaigrette
Lemon, to taste
Olive oil, to taste
1 cucumber, sliced
6 fingerling potatoes, boiled and quartered
6 oz. haricot verts, trimmed and blanched
2 roma tomatoes, concasséd and quartered
1 egg, hard-boiled and quartered
2 oz. niçoise olives
1/8 of a head of radicchio
2 oz. anchovy fillets
1 oz. capers

2 oz. red wine vinegar
1/2 shallot
1/2 T. parsley, chopped fine
1/2 T. dry mustard
6 oz canola oil
Salt and pepper, to taste


To Plate:
Gently mix greens in dressing. Line plate with lettuces. Place tuna in center. Mix lemon and olive oil together; coat cucumber, potatoes, haricot verts and tomatoes. Arrange artistically, using contrasting shapes, colors and textures to create an attractive presentation. Plate egg, olives and radicchio as desired. Top tuna with anchovy fillets and capers. Serve additional dressing on side.

Combine red wine vinegar, shallot, parsley and dry mustard. Drizzle oil in a constant, slow, steady stream. Whisk vigorously to achieve emulsification. Season to taste. Reserve for plating.

Sizzle - Fall 2010 Issue


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