Chilled Prawn and Mango Lumpia with Spicy Tamarind/Peanut Sauce

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Credit: Valeria Molinelli
Skills for Culinarians Day Cookbook, July 2004


Chilled Prawn and Mango Lumpia
1 package ricepaper sheets
10 oz. cellophane noodles
1 stalk lemongrass, sliced
1/4 lb. 16/ 20-count shrimp, shelled, deveined
4 oz. cilantro leaves, washed and picked over
4 oz. Thai basil leaves, washed and picked over
1/4 lb. chorizo sausage, julienned
1 bunch scallions, bias cut
1 mango, peeled and julienned
5 oz. mung bean sprouts, blanched
1/4 pound snow peas, blanched and julienned
Adobo shiitake mushrooms (recipe follows)
6 chive blossoms, blanched, for garnish
1 pint sunflower sprouts tossed with 1/2 t. of sesame oil, for garnish
2 T black sesame seeds, for garnish

Adobo Shiitake Mushrooms
1 t vegetable oil
2 T Fresh garlic, chopped
1/2 pound shiitake mushrooms
2 T rice-wine vinegar
2 T soy sauce
2 bay leaves
Salt and pepper to taste

Spicy Tamarind Peanut Sauce
2 T tamarind pulp
Warm water as needed
3 T peanut butter
1/2 t fresh garlic, chopped
Shredded palm sugar to taste
1 T peanuts, toasted
and chopped 1 t sambal (or 3 T. Minor’s® chili garlic sauce)


Chilled Prawn and Mango Lumpia
1) Soak cellophane noodles in boiling—hot water For 20 minutes. Drain well. Cook in boiling water For about 2 minutes. Drain again; chop noodles into 1 inch pieces.

2) in medium saucepan bring water to boil; infuse with chopped lemongrass for about 5 minutes. Place shrimp in colander; cook in that water for about 2-3 minutes or until shrimp turns pink. Remove from pot; place in iced water to stop cooking process. Set aside to cool. Split shrimp, cutting them along vein.

3) Julienne chorizo; sear them until brown. Set aside to cool.

4) Add hot water into shallow pan. Dip rice—paper wrapper in hot water For a few seconds to soften, making sure to work with one rice—paper wrapper at a time.

5) Place rice paper flat on work surface. Start by placing about 2 T of cellophane noodles in middle of rice paper. Add a few mango and chorizo slices. Then place some of the herbs, scallions, mung bean sprouts, adobo shiitake mushrooms and snow peas. Finish by adding shrimp.

6) Roll rice paper up halfway to enclose the filling just like a burrito. fold in sides; place a few more cilantro leaves on top of enclosed part to be able to see them through rice paper for nice presentation. Finish rolling rice paper, pressing tightly to seal. Cover with damp paper towel or cloth. Repeat with remaining rice-paper wrappers and filling.

7) Serve l roll per portion sliced in half diagonally. Toss sunflower sprouts with some sesame oil, toasted black sesame seeds and salt; arrange 1 T. of mixture in middle of plate. Cut a slit in blanched chive blossom tight around the lumpia as a belt effect. Drizzle some tamarind/peanut sauce around the plate.

Adobo Shiitake Mushrooms
1) Heat vegetable oil in saucepan; cook garlic until oil is flavored.

2) Add mushrooms; cook for only a Few seconds.

3) Deglaze with rice vinegar. Add soy sauce and bay leaves. Let vinegar boil For 1 minute. Add a little water if too dry. Season with salt and pepper.

Spicy Tamarind Peanut Sauce
1) Mix tamarind pulp with just enough warm water to dissolve it.

2) Strain tamarind pulp through tine sieve to get rid of seeds.

3) Whisk peanut butter in tamarind juice or mix them in food processor.

4) Add palm sugar, garlic and sambal (or chili garlic sauce) until desired consistency. Make sure sauce is not too thick.


10 6-oz. portions


Appetizer, Pork, Seafood

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