Culinary Medicine Summit

ACF MasterCraft Summit Series

You really ARE what you EAT! Join us for this revolutionary educational summit focused on Culinary Medicine as we explore the converging worlds of food and health.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to bring together professionals in both the medical and culinary fields to explore the latest scientific research regarding how diet, nutrition and wellness intersect. Increasingly, science is supporting the idea that the standard American diet is the primary contributor to the worldwide pandemic of diet and lifestyle related disability and disease. At this summit, you’ll gain insight that will encourage improvements to your menus and the sustainability of our food systems by attending culinary demonstrations, expert panels and in-depth discussions.

Thought-leaders will present on the latest Culinary Medicine data and best practices, as they highlight how to translate this information into actionable strategies compatible for all kitchens from fine dining to food trucks. Network with colleagues as we discuss the differing health effects that arise from enjoying foods and cuisines that are crafted traditionally, versus their ultra-processed counterparts. Together, we can effect positive change for health and wellness, and influence an improved view on how we dine across the country.

Specialty Certificate

  • Specialized Certificate: upon successful completion of the written examination.
  • 8 CEHs upon attendance of the summit.


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