U.S. Military Certification Program

American Culinary Federation certifications are determined by knowledge and skills. The culinary training and work experience gained in the military may qualify you for one or more ACF certifications. Based on educational background and work experience, you can find a certification that complements your experience.

Assistance for Military Certification Programs

Check with a supervisor or representative about program opportunities. Not all programs offer the same benefits and may have different procedures regarding application, approval, payment and reimbursement.

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Navy personnel interested in certification should contact the U.S. Navy Credentialing Program by submitting a Professional Certification and Licensing Voucher Request to navycool@navy.mil.

Questions should be directed as follows:

Mr. Jeff Winters, Training Certification Analyst
U.S. Navy Credentials Program Office
Center for Information Dominance
(850) 452-6272
DSN 459-6272

Navy Cool Certification Funds: Please review the standard operating procedures for ACF Certification via NavyCool funding. When submitting the Initial Pre-approval application for certification to the ACF, please also submit the Navy Cool voucher request. Once the ACF has verified all documents, a funding request will be made to Navy Cool for application and exams fees. Provided Navy Cool has received and approved the voucher request, funding will be made. Once approved, required exams can be scheduled. A second Navy Cool voucher must be submitted for approval prior to submitting the final application.

Navy Cool Recertification Funds: Navy Cool may also pay recertification fees. The Navy Cool Voucher Request should be submitted at the same time of submitting a recertification application to the ACF. Once the application is approved by the ACF, ACF will make a funding request to Navy Cool. Provided Navy Cool has received and approved the voucher request, funding will be made.

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Army Certification/Recertification Funds: Army personnel interested in certification should contact their supervisor about program opportunities and funding options.

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Veterans can contact the Department of Veterans Affairs about possible certification funding through the G.I Bill.

Is your branch of service not listed? Certification is open to everyone at all levels of culinary experience and education, so check with your training officer for more details.

Click here to contact the ACF Certification Department.