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Download iCalendar file for this competition August 4–5, 2014 ACF Greater Indianapolis Chapter

Show Chair: Brandon Hamilton, CEC, CCE -
Telephone: (765) 212-0183
Categories: A-D, F1-2, K1-K9, SK1-SK9, P1-P2, W, SW
Wildcard: Piazza Produce Challenge
Competitors will have 15 minute set up time, 60 minute cook time and 10 minutes plate-up time to complete this category. Competitors will receive a vegetarian mystery basket 5 minutes before their cook time and will need to turn in a menu before they start cooking. The menu will use the mystery basket ingredients and may use the community pantry.
Professionals will create a 2 course meal (1st course soup or salad) 4 plates of each.
Students will create a main course only, 2 plates.
Lead Judge: Stafford DeCambra, CEC, CCE, CCA, WCMC, AAC -

Download iCalendar file for this competition August 17, 2014 Nation's Capital Chef's Assoc. & Greater Baltimore Chapters

Show Site: Stratford University, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
Show Chair: Derrick Davenport, CEC, CEPC -
Telephone: (703) 946-2125
Categories: A-D, SA-SD, K1-9, SK1-9, P1-2, SP1-2, W
W- Wildcard - Minor's Culinary Classic will be sponsored by Nestle Foodservice, Minor's Division. The category will follow all of the K Category guidelines but the Chef's competing will be required to feature one of the Minor's concentrates within the dish. SINGLE Competitors will fabricate and prepare four portions of a finished product based on the following main course categories. Competitors have 15 minutes for set-up, 60 minutes to fabricate and cook, 10 additional minutes for plating and 15 minutes for clean-up. Of the four portions prepared, three are for judges' tasting and one is for display/critique. Competitors will be required to use one of the following Minor's product in their dish: Fire Roasted Jalapeno, Fire Roasted Pablano, Red Chili Abodo Competitors are required to submit 6 menu packets with color photo and all recipes. Competitors must release their recipes to be used by Nestle Foodservice, Minor's Division.
Lead Judge: Raimund W. Hofmeister, CMC, AAC -

Download iCalendar file for this competition September 7–9, 2014 ACF Central Florida Chapter

Show Site: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL
Show Chair: Steven Jayson, CEC, AAC -
Telephone: (407) 363-8496
Categories: ST2, W

Download iCalendar file for this competition September 13, 2014 ACF Atlanta Chefs Association

Show Chair: Mark Milliron -
Telephone: (770) 843-6047
Fax: (404) 521-4808
Categories: K8, K9
Lead Judge: Helmut Holzer, CMC, WGMC -

Download iCalendar file for this competition October 14, 2014 ACF Michigan Chefs de Cuisine Association

Show Site: Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI
Show Chair: John Piazza, CEC -
Telephone: (313) 820-9748
Categories: A-D
Modified A - 4 categories of finger food for 6 people - 10-20g each. 2 kinds of prepared cold served cold, 2 kinds prepared hot served cold, one plate with 1 piece of each for presentation for the judges.
Modified B - one four course menu prepared hot served cold, dessert included.
Both modified ACF categories are for individual competition and follow all other ACF guidelines for cold food competition.
Lead Judge: Thomas Recinella, CEC, AAC -

Download iCalendar file for this competition October 25–26, 2014 ACF Columbus Chapter

Show Site: Columbus Culinary Institute, Columbus, OH
Show Chair: Joel O'Donnell, CEC -
Telephone: (614) 306-5082
Categories: A, D, SA, SD, F1-2, F5-6, K1-9, SK1 - SK9, P1-2, SP1-2
Lead Judge: Stafford DeCambra, CEC, CCE, CCA, AAC -

Download iCalendar file for this competition January 9–11, 2015 Mad City ACF Chapter, Inc. - STATE COMPETITION

Show Site: Madison College, Madison, WI
Show Chair: John Johnson, CEC, CCE -
Telephone: (608) 246-6707
Fax: (608) 246-6707
Categories: A - D, E-2 - E-4, F-1,F-2, F-5, F6, K-1 - K-9, SK-1 - SK-9, P-1, P-2, ST-2 - State Competition
Lead Judge: Donald Miller, CEC, AAC -

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