Embrace Your Future
Jeffrey Bacon
Geert Piferoen
M. Kelly Wilson
Jean Yves Vendeville
Stefan Ryll

Artisan Salumi and Dry Curing

Join Jeffrey Bacon, CEC, CCA, AAC, at the 2014 ACF Southeast Regional Conference in Charleston, S.C., to learn techniques for crafting dry-cured meats and fermented salumi using ingredients that are naturally sustainable. >Register Now<

Combi Cooking: From Shrimp to Sous Vide

During the 2014 ACF Southeast Regional Conference, Geert Piferoen, corporate executive chef and Lang Combi oven product manager, will explain how to maximize your combination oven from hydrating to sous vide cooking at his session Combi Cooking: From Shrimp to Sous Vide. >Register Now<

Plated Desserts with Lowcountry Inspirations

Attendees of this session presented by Kelly Wilson, CEPC, during the 2014 ACF Southeast Regional Conference in Charleston, S.C., will learn about the components of plated desserts and ways to modernize and showcase Southern desserts utilizing Lowcountry ingredients. >Register Now<

Working With Nougatine

Join Jean Yves Vendeville, CEPC, as he explains how to work with nougatine and use the product to create a template and also a small showpiece in his demonstration at the 2014 ACF Southeast Regional Conference in Charleston, S.C. >Register Now<

Food Styling/Presentation with a Modern Twist

This seminar will showcase how personal creativity, professional traditions and modern technology fuse to create successfully plated dishes. Learn the use of old and new technology in food presentation from Stefan Ryll, CEC, CCE, AAC, during the 2014 ACF Southeast Regional Conference. >Register Now<

Culinary Resources

Embrace a Sustainable Future at an ACF Conference

2014 Events Series

Embrace a Sustainable Future at an ACF conference. The focus is on sustainability with a variety of opportunities to help chefs grow professionally and personally with educational sessions and demonstrations that strengthen skills, inspire careers and build a legacy for professional chefs through sustainability.

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ACF Central Conference a Success


The ACF Central Regional Conference, hosted by Chefs de Cuisine of Association of St. Louis Inc. at the Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel, St. Louis., March 16–19, was a success, bringing hundreds of chefs, cooks and foodservice professionals to St. Louis. More than 25 chefs, students and chapters were honored at the conference. Find out who were the competition winners and honorees and view the photos.

In The News

ACF Southeast Regional Conference

Online registration closes April 11 for the ACF Southeast Conference. It is going to be an incredible experience, April 26–29, in Charleston, S.C. Check out the schedule.

AAC Regional Conference Dinners

The American Academy of Chefs dinners at the regional conferences are sure to impress, from the prestigious locations to the exquisite menus. Learn more and register to attend.

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