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The American Culinary Federation strives to enrich the culinary community by providing cutting-edge seminars and demonstrations, highlighting the latest culinary trends and topics for ACF events, webinars, and online learning center.

As our industry’s thought leadership conferences and online education, all sessions for the ACF Event Series must demonstrate innovative trends and techniques, while being delivered with the highest quality of expertise.


2022 ACF Conferences & Convention

ACF National Convention – (Las Vegas - Summer 2022)
ACF Virtual Presentations or Webinars – (Ongoing)

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ACF events attract professional culinarians from all facets of the industry, including executive chefs, corporate chefs, pastry chefs, chef educators, sous chefs and students.


ACF has identified the following educational tracks that can be used as a guideline for the types of sessions we are seeking. However, we welcome all proposals relevant to the culinary industry that will benefit our membership!

Culinary Skills, Trends, Technology & Innovation

Baking and Pastry Skills, Trends, Technology & Innovation

Chef's Wellness - Health/Mind/Body/Spirit

Hospitality & Restaurant Business Management

Regional & World Cuisines

Educator & Student Development

Presenter Selection

Presenters will be notified if their session has been added to the official convention or webinar agenda.


Once the agendas are finalized, additional presenter paperwork will be required, such as full bio, photo, food/equipment lists, W-9, etc.

By sharing your expertise, you will be making a valuable contribution to the culinary industry, and to the careers of countless current and future chefs and pastry chefs.

  • Presenters should be known subject matter experts on the topic they wish to present.
  • Descriptions should clearly explain what the attendees will learn from the session.
  • Session content should be at an intermediate or, preferably, advanced level.
  • Topics should reflect new material that meets the educational objective of the audience.
  • Selected presenters must meet all required deadlines.
  • As a nonprofit organization, we depend upon, and greatly appreciate, the support of our volunteers to keep expenses low and make our educational sessions a success.

Session Formats

Cooking demonstrations are set with a stainless steel demonstration table, two induction burners, cookware, etc. Presenters are strongly encouraged to make tasting portions for attendees to sample.

Recommended length: 60 min.

Educational Seminars are set in a classroom-style setting with a podium and digital projector. Presenters are encouraged to use innovative presentation styles to present their session.

Recommended length: 60 min.

Hands-on workshops are focused on the development of specific skills or techniques with all attendees actively preparing/cooking in the session.

Recommended length: 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours.

Other ideas for educational opportunities are welcome!

Food requisition lists provided/approved in advance by selected presenters will be supplied onsite by ACF, or presenters may select to provide receipts for up to $150 of relevant food product they have purchased/provided to be used specifically during the session. Kitchen space and prep time onsite can also be scheduled for approved sessions/tastings.

Speaker Honoraria

Webinars and Panelists: These are volunteer opportunities to share your expertise with the ACF community of Chefs. (No financial compensation)

For Convention: $300 stipend for each individual Convention & Show session to be paid and sent within 30 days after the fulfillment of this agreement. Stipends will only be paid and sent to the main presenter's address on this document and will not be paid to co-presenters. This honorarium is null and void in the presence of a sales contract, partnership agreement or addendum.