ACF Property Membership

A property membership with the American Culinary Federation offers an affordable option to enroll your company’s employees in the largest professional chefs’ organization in North America. This membership provides your employees networking and professional growth opportunities at a discounted rate.

  • Property membership costs are dependent on the number of employees to be enrolled by the property.
  • Discounts begin with a minimum of six chefs enrolled.
  • The annual membership commitment for enrolling your employees could be as low as $136 per member.
  • Property members may join the local chapter of their choice. Additional fees vary by chapter.
  • Employees receive all member benefits, with the exception of term life insurance.

For more information on Property Memberships, please complete the form below or call Member Services at (800) 624-9458.

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To find a local chapter please use the Chapter Map.

If you are unsure of the closest local chapter, leave the box below blank and ACF will contact you to help identify your options.

Property members must be a member of a local chapter to be eligible to vote in regional or national elections or hold regional or national office.