ACF MasterCraft Summit Series

2023 MasterCraft Summit Series

In 2022, ACF launched a new series of one-day educational summits to deliver a higher level of in-person educational programs. Due to overwhelmingly high demand, we are excited to announce we will be relaunching the summits in 2023. In these one-day events, chefs, culinary and foodservice professionals will receive an in-depth look into specific topics. Presenters will have demonstrated subject-matter expertise and will be teaching an advanced curriculum.

This is what you can expect from the summits:

  • Price is $199 for ACF members and $250 for nonmembers for every summit.
  • Four to five presentations per summit.
  • Presentations begin at 9 a.m., ending late afternoon (i.e., 4 p.m. or 5 p.m.).
  • Most summits will be hosted by educational partners.
  • Feel free to come in the night before if you’re travelling from a distance; affordable hotels in the area will be recommended.
  • Workbooks will be provided for each presentation.

Prior experience and requirements: it is recommended that attendees have a minimum of five years of professional experience or CSC/CWPC certification.

More details coming soon!