Gain Accreditation

Assure the public that your culinary program meets nationally recognized educational standards. More

Find a School

Finding the right culinary program is the first step to starting a successful career in the foodservice industry. More


We want to help fund your culinary education. Take advantage of this great opportunity provided by the American Academy of Chefs. More

Become an ACFEF Quality Program

Open to non-degree granting culinary programs, ACFEF’s Quality Program provides outside validation to programs that offer continuing education in non-traditional formats in less than 1,000 hours. More

Continuing Education

The culinary industry is always evolving. Keep up to date with industry practices through online courses or advance your career by becoming ACF certified.

Apprentice Programs

ACFEF apprenticeship programs offer students valuable skills and experience that cannot be learned in the classroom. Learn how you can administer a program or become an apprentice.