American Master Chefs’ Order - Forever the Student

American Master Chefs’ Order

About Us

The American Master Chefs’ Order (AMCO) are chefs who have dared to push themselves both mentally and physically to their cooking limits by stepping into the gauntlet known as the American Culinary Federation Certified Master Chef® Exam.

The few who have been successful in obtaining this certification are a very close alliance with many things in common. We have a deep understanding, affection and respect for our craft. We invite all to follow us as we strive, through food, to lift the social fabric of the world one Certified Master Chef® at a time.

As you would expect, our places of labor represent many of the top properties, venues and businesses that make up the channels of our very broad industry.

Our Mission

  • To Sustain, Promote, Perfect Our Craft

Our Goals

  • Establish a structure to mentor colleagues within our craft who aspire to reach CMC® or CMPC® through funding assistance of costs associated with the Certified Master Chef® testing
  • Develop a platform to share our stories to inspire the continued growth of AMCO while raising the bar of culinary excellence
  • Create an annual gathering of the members of AMCO to facilitate networking and the exchange of knowledge