U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services - U.S. Department of Homeland Security Request for Advisory Opinions to Support Temporary VISA Petition

The American Culinary Federation is recognized by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as a management organization or peer group. The ACF is an authority on cooking in America and can offer a written advisory opinion to support an O-1B, O-2, or P-3 temporary visa petition for non-immigrant culinarians.

The ACF requires submission of the Application for Advisory Opinion along with the completed USCIS application form with O/P supplement and supporting documentation. The cost is $550 allowing 10 business days for processing, $610 for expedited 5-business day service, and $625 for 3-business day service. Payment is required at time of application. Application along with supporting documentation can be sent by mail, fax, or electronically.

Where it determines that the applicant meets the standards required for the desired visa category, ACF will issue a letter of no objection as provided for by applicable regulation. Where the request is made in connection with a response to an RFE or NOID received from USCIS, a copy of the document received from USCIS must be attached.

For questions, please call (904) 824-4468, ext. 244, or visarequests@acfchefs.org.