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Online Training Program

The ACF Culinary Essentials Training Portal is an online tool with skills and competencies that align with the CFC practical certification. Supplement or integrate into your existing curriculum with classroom and take-home assignments. Students earn a certificate of completion after finishing all tasks and passing the quiz in each section. View Demo

Online Courses

Complement your existing curriculum with our 30-hour self-paced courses in culinary nutrition, safety and sanitation, intro to foodservice and basic food prep that students can complete at home. Available on the ACF Online Learning Center at

Special pricing and subscription-based packages available for ACFEF-accredited programs, ACFEF-approved workforce development programs and ACF partners.

All plans include webinars and an exam voucher for the Culinary Essentials certificate PLUS:

  • Platinum plan: four (4) 30-hour courses
  • Gold plan: three (3) 30-hour courses
  • Silver plan: two (2) 30-hour courses
  • Bronze plan: one (1) 30-hour courses

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ACFEF Certificate of Culinary Essentials

The ACFEF Certificate of Culinary Essentials demonstrates a student’s proficiency in industry-standard competencies and aligns with ACF’s Certified Fundamental Cook certification. Upon successfully passing the Certificate of Culinary Essentials exam, the student is eligible to attempt the ACF Certified Fundamental Cook® (CFC®) written and practical exams. Purchase the exam attempt from the ACF Online Learning Center at

Learn from Industry Leaders

Share recorded sessions from ACF events with your students. Available on the ACF Online Learning Center at

Culinary and Pastry Exam Prep

These courses are designed similar to an exam in a question and answer format to help students review for any culinary-related exams.

Each course includes questions covering safety and sanitation, culinary nutrition, food service industry and food preparation concepts with the pastry prep course heavier on baking and pastry questions.

The test can be taken an unlimited number of times for 30 days. New questions will be integrated each time.

Two modes are available:

  • TRYOUT mode: answer with feedback is provided immediately following each question.
  • FOR CREDIT mode: all questions are presented and feedback is provided once the exam has been submitted.

Available for purchase on the ACF Online Learning Center at

Ingredient of the Month

Ingredient of the Month features an in-depth look at a new nutritional ingredient, well as a quiz to test the knowledge learned. These articles are free to download at