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The National Culinary Review (NCR) is read by more than 20,000 chefs and culinary professionals who value its insightful articles on food, drink and menu trends, product application, management and lifestyle issues, recipes and professional development. Launched in 1932, NCR is the flagship publication of the American Culinary Federation, publishing six issues a year. Access to the digital version is provided at no charge to ACF members or included free with the purchase of a print subscription.

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Access to the latest and greatest articles from the pages of NCR is provided free of charge on We Are Chefs..., including an in-depth history of the first 90 years of the ACF, a remembrance of Horn and Hardart automats and a look at where culinary education is headed in the 21st century.

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We Are Chefs

We Are Chefs is the American Culinary Federation’s brand-new digital content hub. It houses the new and improved ACF blog, delivering timely industry news, updates about the Federation and its members and content produced by member chefs, as well as the brand-new Sizzle and digital articles from the pages of the National Culinary Review.

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Sizzle: The American Culinary Federation magazine for culinary arts students

Sizzle is the ACF’s award-winning publication dedicated to enhancing culinary students’ learning and well-being. With a voice that speaks to future chefs, Sizzle offers expert knowledge about the food service industry from those who know it best: the ACF and its member chefs.

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Articles include information on emerging job markets, mentoring, continuing education, culinary trends and product application, as well as scholarship information and culinary/pastry techniques.

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