Certified Fundamentals Cook® (CFC®)

  • ACFEF Accredited Secondary/Post-Secondary Programs, please visit the students page.

Education Requirements and Work Experience

No experience required.

  • High School Diploma/GED
  • 75 Continuing Education Hours (CEH)

Mandatory Course Requirement:

  • 15-hour course in Nutrition
  • 15-hour course in Food Safety & Sanitation

Courses are available through the ACF Online Learning Center, ACF approved providers or any academic institution.

Application Process

There are three steps in the application process:

Step 1

Individuals: Submit an initial application with proof of education and required courses and work experience. Please allow 2–3 weeks for processing applications.

Culinary Programs: Please schedule an introduction call at certify@acfchefs.org.

Step 2
Schedule Written & Practical Exams

Upon receiving approval for the initial pre-approval application, you are eligible to schedule your written and practical exams.

Step 3
Final Application

After successful completion of the written and practical exams, submit the Final application with exam pass sheets and application fee. Please allow 2’3 weeks for processing. Upon approval, certificate will be mailed.

Exam preparation information can be found in the Certified Fundamentals Cook handbook. Contact the ACF national office at certify@acfchefs.org to request an application.

Recertification Information

CFC® Certification requires renewal every five years. For more information, visit the recertification page.

Upgrade to a Higher Certification Level

Depending on education and experience, CFC® certificants may be eligible to upgrade to the Certified Culinarian® (CC®) certification.


CFC Fees
Type Cost
Members: $75
Nonmembers:  $95

Have questions or need more information? Contact the ACF Certification Department.