Free CEH Opportunities

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The following free courses and events have been approved for ACF CEHs. Contact the CEH Provider for more information and registration details, and be sure to review the list of all ACF-approved CEHs.

DateLocationProgram NameCEHs
OngoingOnlineA Primer for Fresh California Avocados (FREE)1
California Avocado Commission
California Avocado CommissionCost: Free
Kim Kurata
Phone: 510-594-9220
Learning Objectives: Develop an appreciation for Fresh California Avocados as a versatile culinary ingredient; Create awareness for Fresh California Avocados as a component in a healthful diet; Prepare culinary students for proper handling and storage of Fresh California Avocados; Demonstrate how to select/identify ripe Fresh California Avocados; Introduce labor-saving preparation and holding techniques for Fresh California Avocados; Introduce using Fresh California Avocados in hot preparations; Demonstrate Fresh California Avocado versatility in contemporary and global applications; Introduce Fresh California Avocados as a fat substitute in baking.
OngoingOnlineAllergy Awareness - FREE2
National Pasteurized Eggs / Michael Foods
National Pasteurized Eggs / Michael FoodsCost: Free
Diagnosis of food allergies has doubled in the United States in the last 10 years, and in the food industry, we must be especially aware of the foods and components of food that cause allergic reactions. This course will cover the most common food allergies in the U.S. and beyond, as well as methods of diagnosing a food allergy, current research and treatment, and best practices for organizations in the prevention of food-allergic reactions.
OngoingOnlineCheesecyclopedia Online Course - FREE2
Wisconsin Milk Marketing BoardCost: Free
8418 Excelsior Dr.
Madison, WI 53717
Sara Hill
Phone: 608-444-1986
The Cheesecyclopedia Self-Study Course provides practical cheese information valuable to the novice as well as the professional.
Call for DatesCulinary Applications Utilizing Intelligent Cooking Control Technology3
Jim Lund, CEC
Phone: (888) 320-7274
Experience the performance of the SelfCookingCenter® live. Register today to attend a RATIONAL CookingLive event in your area by clicking on the link below.

The RATIONAL CookingLive culinary events give you the opportunity to see our technology in action. You will be able to taste the quality of the food being cooked, test the ease of use, and experience the versatility. RATIONAL’s SelfCookingCenter® allows you to fry, roast, grill, steam, poach, bake, and much more, in a single self-cleaning piece of equipment. Whether you are cooking for 20 or 2,000, the guesswork of meal preparation is eliminated thanks to the world’s only SelfCookingCenter®. Seeing is believing. Click on the link below and register for an event in your area today.
OngoingOnlineCurriculamb - Culinary Education Program on American Lamb - FREE4.5
American Lamb Board
American Lamb BoardCost: Free
Mary Humann
The "Curriculamb" is a comprehensive culinary education resource on American Lamb. The "curriculamb" includes lessons on the U.S. sheep industry, buying and handling lamb, lamb carcass and cuts, nutrition and cooking. A quiz for ACF CEH credits is also provided.
Call for DatesFood Forward Leadership Summit3
Humane Society of the US
Humane Society of the USCost: FREE
Various locations
Food Forward is a special event for food service professionals where you will learn how you can help your institution achieve a more profitable, healthy, and sustainable dining operation. You will hear from experts on how they are meeting and capitalizing on the ever-growing demand for meatless meals and how you can too! Enjoy a culinary demonstration, as well as a delicious lunch, and network with individuals seasoned in the art of bringing healtheir menus to their guests.
OngoingOnlineFREE Human Resources Management: Update and Review5
123ce.comLength: 5 hours - Cost: FREE
P.O. Box 3717
Allentown, PA 18106
Valerie Behrle
Phone: 800-830-5142
Most successful organizations understand that people are their most important asset, and that the effective management of human resources is central to their business strategy. Human Resources Management is a review on how to perform your job more efficiently and effectively by following human resource guidelines. Topics include: writing job descriptions, recruiting and selecting staff along with orienting, training and evaluating employees.
OngoingOnlineFresh Mango Curriculum (FREE)8.5
National Mango Board
National Mango BoardCost: Free
3010 Maguire Blvd., Suite 111
Orlando, FL 32803
Susan Hughes
Phone: 415-819-6531
The "Fresh Mango Curriculum" teaches the basics of how to order, handle and cook with one the world's most popular fruits. The course demonstrates mango's versatality in hot and cold applications, its relevance in global cuisine, its unique sensory characteristics, and its superfruit nutrition status. The course includes six (6) lessons with a practice quiz after each.
OngoingOnlineKitchen Science: Egg Culinary Techniques - FREE1
National Pasteurized Eggs / Michael Foods
National Pasteurized Eggs / Michael FoodsLength: 1 hour - Cost: Free
After completing the course, you'll be able to: Explain what causes curdling of eggs and how to prevent it. Outline factors that lead to a high-quality custard product. Describe steps for making soft scrambled eggs. Explain the steps for whipping egg whites. Identify egg yolks as emulsifiers and explain how they work.
OngoingOnlineLocal Produce: Farm to Foodservice1
Chicken of the Sea
Chicken of the SeaCost: FREE
Fresh produce and local foods are fueling consumer passion as well as foodservice menu planning. Fresh produce and sustainability factor into the top menu trends today. Learn how to use fresh local produce and speed-scratch preparation to meet the demands of today's foodservice consumer. This course covers benefits, challenges, and solutions, as well as ideas for combining local produce with shelf-stable, sustainably sourced seafood to produce low-labor healthful fare.
OngoingOnlineOnline Pear Foodservice Training Program1
Pear Bureau Northwest
Pear Bureau NorthwestCost: Free
OngoingOnlineProtein Nutrition & Egg Chemistry - FREE1
National Pasteurized Eggs, Inc
National Pasteurized Eggs, IncLength: 1 hour - Cost: Free
After completing this course, you'll be able to: Explain why protein is essential to human nutrition. Describe amino acids as the building blocks of protein. Define an essential amino acid. Explain the process of protein denaturation in cooking.
OngoingOnlineProtein on the Menu1
Chicken of the Sea
Chicken of the SeaCost: FREE
Protein has become the golden macronutrient among American consumers. In this course, you will gain insights into the protein trend and discover which protein sources consumers favor. In addition, you'll learn about specific values that drive choices for protein-based foods. You will also explore culinary trends for featuring protein on the menu at various dayparts.
OngoingOnlineRanch to Table - FREE15
OnlineCost: Free
Alethea Prewitt
Phone: 208-338-2613
To familiarize chefs, cooks, culinary instructors and students with the beef life cycle from birth to ranch life, transition to feed yard finishing, and completion at the processing/fabrication plant. This model is based on a sustainable, gold standard for beef handling in the U.S..
OngoingOnlineSeafood Savvy: Nutrition1
Chicken of the Sea
Chicken of the SeaCost: FREE
You hear a lot about omega-3s in seafood. What are the facts? And what nutritional benefits led to the Dietary Guidelines recommendation of two servings per week? This program presents latest findings on seafood nutrition, including fats, proteins, mercury questions, seafood preparation and more.
Call for DatesZink University2
Zink Foodservice
Zink FoodserviceCost: FREE
various locations
David Ash
Phone: (614) 679-4046
Zink University is a program established by Zink Foodservice allowing for personal and professional development, training, and continuing education in the Foodservice equipment/smallwares industry. Foodservice professionals and experts lead the University classes leaving guests cultivated with current trends in the market. At Zink University, students will learn by using hands on, presentations, live demos, and will have access to all learning materials. Zink University has classes and opportunities for beginners to advanced learners. Continuing Education credits are also available to those seeking. From past classes, 99% said they would take another Zink U class. Hope to see you in class soon!