ACFEF Certificate of Culinary Essentials

The ACFEF Certificate of Culinary Essentials demonstrates a student’s proficiency in industry-standard competencies and aligns with ACF’s Certified Fundamental Cook certification. Upon successfully passing the Certificate of Culinary Essentials exam, the student is eligible to attempt the ACF Certified Fundamental Cook® (CFC®) written and practical exams.

Once eligibility has been confirmed, the student will receive an email to purchase the exam from ACF’s Online Learning Center at


Candidate must supply documentation verifying completion of:

  • 75 hours of culinary-related/baking and pastry-related course content to include 15 hours in safety and sanitation and 15 hours in culinary nutrition
  • Three full semesters of education from a secondary or post-secondary culinary program to include in the curriculum: safety and sanitation, culinary nutrition and introduction to foodservice with minimum grade of C or better
  • ACF 300 Hour Training Program
Verify Eligibility


If you are an instructor for a culinary-related certificate, training or secondary program, use the ACFEF Certificate of Culinary Essentials as your end-of-program exam and give your students a meaningful achievement that will help them in the job market. Contact the ACF professional development at or (800) 624-9458 to register.


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Reference Guide

For more information, including exam outline, required competencies and sample questions, download the reference guide.

Reference Guide